World Trade Center Steel Memorializations –

Ever wonder what became of the World Trade Center Towers after the horrible and tragic events of 9-11?  There have been countless memorialization projects comprised of the steel that was used to construct the original trade center buildings.  These serve as somber, but necessary reminders of the integrity, resolve and resilience of our great nation and the united message we send to the people responsible for these cowardly acts of terror.

The vast majority of the steel recovered from Ground Zero was sold to companies in the United States, while a sizeable amount was also sold abroad to companies in South Korea, India and China. Some of this steel also temporarily came to rest in Hangar 17, an 80,000 square foot facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey took on the responsibility of overseeing its disbursement in subsequent years to varying government and non-profit organizations to create memorials for the tragic attacks. The memorials range from military bases to firehouses, police stations, and town and city halls.


Beam in transit to memorial project – photo courtesy of

Some examples of WTC steel in memorial projects



USS New York

(U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Barbara L. Patton/Released)

Perhaps one of the most impressive and resonating memorials created in part with WTC steel has been the USS New York (LDP-21), an amphibious transport dock designed to embark, transport and deliver  landing forces for expeditionary warfare missions. This state of the art warship’s bow contains 7-1/2 tons of steel salvaged from the fallen towers themselves.

The ship is wrought with symbolism in its crest, which contains representations of everything from the ship’s bow, the twin towers, NYPD, NYFD, the Statue of Liberty, and a Phoenix rising from the ashes, to name a few. The ship’s motto – “Strength Forged Through Sacrifice – Never Forget” is powerfully symbolic of the resolve we as a nation, demonstrate moving forward in the wake of the events of September 11th.

Cherokee Steel Supports Our Military

Cherokee Steel Supply, as a service disabled, veteran owned business, continues to demonstrate unwavering support for our troops and those who sacrifice daily to preserve our freedom.  During the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, we ask that you take the time to remember those who sacrificed that day and to thank a soldier, officer or firefighter who continue the legacy of preserving our safety and that of our nation.